Stealth Films


Videographer, photographer, hunter and fly fisherman


Steve, your Videographer + Photographer

After decades in the film industry, I now look to the hills and

mountains, my favourite places, to create beautiful, evocative images.


Blending quietly into the background I aim to capture the wild undisturbed – deer frolicking, Tahr staring

into the distance. Stags roaring for dominance over the herd.


My ability to blend in also means I capture images of people adventuring in the wild,

when they are most unaware of the camera, most aware of their surroundings. At their most natural.

I capture the unseen moments, exploring the wild by stealth.

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Proud to have worked with:


Special Interest:

Commercial shoots for advertisements (video + photo)

Working with Outfitters directly

Individual clients

Expedition Safaris

Stock Footage (video + photo)


“The help from Stealth Films in the last 18 months has been a great part in the success for Headhunter Chronicles. As I have learned its not easy to make outdoor TV. Steve has captured some great wildlife and over the shoulder kill shots that were incredible. Thanks for the great footage you have produced for me and Headhunter Chronicles. It takes a team to produce outdoor TV and thanks to the filming I have these adventures captured forever.

Jason Bruce, Host of Headhunter Chronicles, USA

“I hired a cameraman but I got a director, an artist, an outdoorsman, a filmmaker and a logistics coordinator all in one.”

Lanny Lambert, Deep Woods Adventures, USA

“In my 32 years selling hunting and fishing trips on six continents, you are the BEST video cameraman I have ever seen or worked with. 
You simply are outstanding.” 

Lee Bohner, Sporting Adventures, California, USA

“Without a doubt, Steve captured the essence of our New Zealand hunt! His eye is that of an artist, filming the canvas of his country; but his heart is that of a hunter who knows how to capture the intricacies of the hunt, traverses the terrain like a Tahr, and catches ‘the moments’ even before you have the chance to catch your breath” 

Johnny & Mary Whitworth, USA

“I was so glad that I had Stealth Films there to professionally film the two hunts. With both the Tahr and the Red Stag being world class top ten trophies it is great to know that we have the entire hunt on film. Steve was a class act. I never even knew he was there, and in bow hunting that extra person can sometimes be a problem.”

Thanks for everything, sincerely

Rick Schwencer, USA

“Steve Couper possesses a unique natural ability to capture all of those "exhilarating hunting moments" in a 100% professional and totally unobtrusive way. It is my pleasure to fully endorse his filming and editing services. You won't be disappointed!”

Don Patterson

P.H. & Owner of Manuka Point Lodge

New Zealand.