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Himalayan Tahr

Himalayan Tahr

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Himalayan Tahr in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. A stunning Wildlife Documentary showcasing the lives of these highly regarded, but rarely seen, alpine animals. We follow Tahr through the seasons, highlighting behaviour during the RUT when the mature Bulls compete for the rights to mate with the females.
- Packed with information for the hunter
- Wonderful photographic portraits
- Rare scenes of Bulls fighting


"This film is a must see for any would be Tahr hunter. Ken and Steve have done a wonderful job of documenting Tahr behaviour throughout the seasons and you’ll learn a lot that will make you a more successful hunter. Some of this stuff is absolutely fascinating and I picked up plenty of pointers that I know I’ll put to good use next time I am in the Alps. The camera work and photography are superb as we’ve come to expect from Stealth Films, with a lot of two camera work nicely edited into a world class wildlife documentary. The interesting Himalayan interlude showed how highly valued and differently they are managed over there. The time will come over here "  Greg Duley - Editor - NZ Hunter Magazine

"Superb camera work & photography,informative, and if Tahr are your 'thing', this is a must see. Running time was well over an hour."  Martin Askes - Editor - NZ Outdoor Hunter Magazine

"After many years of Tahr hunting, this is the most outstanding footage that I have seen. I have rated this DVD highly and consider it a must in everyone's hunting library".    Trevor Dyke - Editor - Hunting and Wildlife Magazine

"In one word this film as a Documentary is brilliant, clear photography and informative".   Daniel Burke - Editor - Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures

"Steve what a fantastic video, the clear footage and all the info Ken talks about is so helpful plus the extra footage of the Tahr in their homeland, it doesn't look right,Tahr look better in New Zealand than in the Himalayas. Hunting Tahr you don't get to see a lot of what is picked up in the video, top marks to you and Ken. I feel this video is one to make any Tahr hunters blood start boiling, in my case it did, I was meant to do a Tahr trip this year but due to having to move so that my son who has autism, can get into a special needs unit at collage next year, as we need to be in the zone. Four years ago I said that I wanted to get a Bull Tahr and Chamois trophy for the wall before I am fifty. (I have four years left to do it) I hope next year will go well and I will be back in the beautiful Southern Alps, but I don't need to tell you, over xmas I will be getting my maps out to start the planning for my Tahr trip and will be playing the video in the background. Thanks again and look forward to your next video to add to my library". Andrew Roland


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