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NZ's Fiordland Moose

NZ's Fiordland Moose

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Do North American Moose continue to survive in a remote Southwest corner of Fiordland New Zealand?


New Zealand Wildlife Trust Biologist Ken Tustin's unravels one of NZ's most enduring wilderness mysteries.This NZ documentary takes a comprehensive look at the History of NZ Moose from their release in 1910 to the present day. It will leave you in no doubt about the existence of Moose in Fiordland today!

- Positive DNA results
- Cast Antlers
- A trail of confirmed sightings

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"A real gem - a must have !

This film is a monologue by Ken Tustin who takes us into Fiordland where we visit the places where the early Moose trophies were taken. I found it very interesting to listen to Ken describe the hunts as he stood on the spots where they fell, and to go to his campsites and listen to the story of his search for this elusive animal. He explains the highs and the lows of the moose population levels and shows you places where they were seen and photographed. We also see broken branches from Moose feeding activity. His books have been great but to listen to the man tell his story on the ground in Fiordland is very special". Brendan Coe - Editor - Rod & Rifle Magazine

"When I first watched this DVD, and having followed Ken's Moose Quest over the years, I thought this was just going to be Ken narrating his story and perhaps it could be a bit boring. Far from it. With the interspersion of historic photographs of Moose and trophies shot, combined with the filming on location, this DVD is very interesting. Ken starts his story with the introduction of Moose to New Zealand, where they were released, their possible success in breeding and then on to the hunting of the moose. This then flows through into his research endeavours and frustrations of proving that Moose still exist in Fiordland. He takes you to sites such as Herrick Creek, Wet Jacket Arm, Supper Cove, Moose Creek, Moose Lake and the Lower Seaforth. Mention is made of those hunters that shot Moose, such as Eddie Herrick, who took the first legal trophy. Footage from trail cameras reveal some interesting Red deer behaviour that is most probably not observed around human activity. This DVD should be a must for anyone going to Fiordland, in particular if they intend going into some of the areas where Moose have been or could be. Moose behaviour and signs that could be looked for during a trip are well described and illustrated by ken in the DVD. Ken and his wife Marg have to be admired for the amount of energy and time that they put into the Moose project. Mystery of history? I believe that Moose still exist in Fiordland National Park and after watching this DVD you might too! I rate it as a 'must have." Trevor Dyke - Editor - New Zealand Hunting & Wildlife Magazine 

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