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Flashing Antlers

Flashing Antlers

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In this film we are hunting for rutting Fallow Bucks in the magnificent Otago High Country and roaring Red Stags in the Fiordland bush. Two very different styles of New Zealand hunting, and two very different species. Fallow Bucks can be spotted with binoculars from a distance, and a stalk attempted. Filming Red Stags in the Fiordland bush I knew, would be very challenging. This was 'Kiwi Style, bush hunting' - up close and personal. It doesn't get any more exciting - especially in the ROAR.

- 100% Free Range
- Mixed species
- Filming challenges
- Close encounters  
- Great trophies

Informative Bonus section - 'New Zealand Red Deer Encounters'. Rare glimpses of deer being deer.

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"Steve Couper makes excellent films. His camera work, editing and the pace of his footage is superb. He doesn't dwell too long on shots and keeps the lens moving and the viewers interest up. Hunting roaring red stags is as good as it gets and I was not disappointed. This section is very good. The hunt for a decent twelve point red stag was the highlight of the DVD for me." Brendan Coe - Editor - Rod & Rifle Magazine

"This has to be the best 100% FREE RANGE hunting DVD I have seen for a long time!

The DVD introduction is a montage of hunting sequences which builds an air of excitement for what is to follow in the film. Part one, you will join with cameraman Steve Couper as he rides along with hunter Grant Banhidi in a chopper into the high country out of Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand. Campsite set amongst steep bluffs interspersed with meadows of alpine grasses, bracken and small shrubs along with magnificent views of the alpine scenery, Grant sets out for five days of stalking red and fallow deer on this private property. Many does and youngsters are encountered along the way with some promising young red stags and fallow bucks whetting the appetite for more mature animals to appear. Grants patience is eventually rewarded and the satisfaction on the successful hunters face is evident as he walks up to camp right on dusk with his prize. Part two, is set in the great expanse of Fiordland National Park on the West Coast of the South Island where Grant pits his wits against rutting red stags in conditions that show real bush hunting at its’ best. Glimpses of red deer ghosting through the damp forests in an area of extremely high rainfall, along with the sounds of roaring red stags lead to a feeling of anticipation that tantalizes the hunter and the viewer into believing that success is surely just over the next ridge. Most Aussie hunters think that Fiordland is only accessed by boat or chopper along with a hard walk in with full packs and limited equipment, in this film we find Grant is vehicle based which may open up possibilities of a lot more hunting opportunities to those on a limited budget. Money saved on chopper fees could lead to an extra week of hunting in this world renowned pristine area. Part three, ‘Deer Being Deer’ is billed as a ‘Bonus’ section, and a bonus it is. Most hunters can learn a lot about deer behavior by keeping their hand off the trigger and observing the way deer go about their daily lives. ‘FLASHING ANTLERS’ exhibits all the qualities that any real hunter wants in his New Zealand hunting experience. Access to 100% free range hunting where the hunter is restricted only by his own feeling of ethics and fair play, the feeling of blending in with nature, the satisfaction of succeeding in the quest for a hard earned trophy. Steve Couper with skillful filming and careful editing has produced a hunting film that will stand proudly in your cabinet and whet your appetite for your own New Zealand Hunting Adventure. A great gift for a hunting companion". Daniel Burke - Editor - Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures Magazine

"It's all here in this latest DVD by Stealth Films.

Expert videographer, Steve Couper follows hunter Grant Banhidi around during the rut as he hunts red and fallow deer. Grant shows he is no slouch with the rifle as he nails a few deer freehand, dropping them very cleanly. In this production they begin with a fly-in trip to the back of My Nicholas Station, Queenstown: a New Zealand family owned, fully operational High Country Sheep Station of over 100,000 acres on the edge of Lake Wakatipu. Here they see many fallow and reds wandering about in the broken tussock country before finally taking out a very nice fallow buck. The second section is chasing roaring reds in the foothills of Fiordland where Grant hunts from his camper and scores a very nice 12-point red during an excellent stalk. A final section on red deer in the spring time ends a very professional production. With such great hunting opportunities available here in New Zealand this well presented DVD, produced by an expert videographer, really makes you want to get out amongst them". Martin Askes - Editor - New Zealand Outdoor Hunting Magazine

"This is definitely one worth considering adding to your library of hunting films.

Flashing Antlers is made up of two main hunting sections with a short bonus section – ‘Red deer encounters’ tucked on at the end. All filming has been done on location in the South Island and is 100% free range.
The first section takes place on Mt Nicholas Station, Queenstown covering a mixture of Red and Fallow deer. The hunt was undertaken in a variety of weather conditions which included fine weather, fog and snow. This was good, as it shows the conditions that hunters encounter when out in the hills, and how quickly the weather can change.
The Fallow buck that is taken as a trophy is one that anyone would be proud to claim as their’s. Nice wide palmation and a good spread. During the hunt, meat for the freezer and camp is also harvested.
The second section is filmed in the Fiordland National Park during the roar with some good examples of NZ’s flora and fauna. Of particular note was the filming of a native falcon on a nest which dive bombed the crew in an endeavour to drive them away from the nesting area. 
The climax of the Fiordland hunt is the taking of nice even 12-point ‘bush’ stag. This section also brings out the necessity for ever being alert for the unexpected animal. While trying to bring in a distant stag, and at the same time travelling towards it, they encountered a ‘silent’ stag just forty metres in front of them. Further demonstrated is the effectiveness of a short grunt to get the attention of a deer, especially if it is on the move, making it stop and look and thus giving you just enough time to get that shot away. Another tip that comes through is that patience can be rewarding especially when observing an area for sign or movement.
Camouflage clothing is worn and when required a ‘mask’. While there are two schools of opinion on using this type of clothing I must admit that the benefits can be seen during some of the stalks.
The bonus section is a mixture of deer filmed largely out in the open. It also features a few pigs and some close up footage of a hare.
There were two areas around safety that caught my eye. One was the carry out of the Fallow head in an upright position and not down; not a recommended practice. The other was the number of times that a round is loaded into the chamber at the time of leaving the campsite.
This is definitely one worth considering adding to your library of hunting films". Trevor Dyke - Editor - Hunting and Wildlife Magazine

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