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Stealth with a Fly

Stealth with a Fly

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Filmed amongst some of New Zealand's most stunning wilderness waters, acclaimed NZ Fishing Guide Dean Bell returns in ‘Stealth with a Fly’, to address in detail the most common issues fly anglers face when trout fishing.

With an emphasis on the importance of line management and line control, the parts of each are broken down and analyzed individually in clear and easy to understand terminology.  

‘Stealth with a Fly’ is for the fly fisherman seeking insight into converting angling opportunity into greater angling success.

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Review by Stu Jamieson - Sexyloops Fly Fishing Forum.

There are plenty of adventure fishing films out there - some of them are even very good. And there are a number of very fine casting tuition videos out there also - see those from Mel Krieger, Joan Wulff, Simon Gawesworth, to name just a few. But rarer are films which actually teach the sport of fishing; films that teach you how to put all those finely honed casting skills to good use. The latest release from Stealth Films soundly delivers this final crucial piece of the puzzle.

Filmed amidst the incomparable beauty that is the New Zealand wilderness, Stealth With A Fly combines fishing adventure with fishing school. NZ guide, Dean Bell, guides his good natured student (Grant) through the details of fine, strategic fly casting, incessantly critiquing the poor chap for our benefit. But it's all good natured and Grant's toils are not in vain, noticeably improving himself as the film progresses.

The delivery from Bell is straightforward but information rich and packs out a generous hour and a half run time. Placing particular emphasis on fly selection, reading water and line control, Bell enforces the importance of proper placement and a drag-free drift, and the subsequent improved hook-up rate that these strategies deliver. Importantly, he further explains why these strategies are crucial to success.

Primarily targeting the intermediate caster, Bell's intended audience will find the information presented here very useful indeed. Of course, this audience precludes the very fine fraternity of penultimate casting deities that is the Sexyloops community but, hey, even the gods revise their technique from time to time and may well benefit from a viewing of this film. In any case, it does no harm to reinforce good practices.

As an instructional video on applying good casting techniques and strategies to real world fishing scenarios, you'd go far to find a better product than Stealth With A Fly. As the next best thing to spending time by the riverside with a talented guide, this film is highly recommended.

Dan Flynn - Australia

Congratulations on the finest fly fishing DVD I have ever bought. Please continue in that refreshing format and I have told all my friends to get a copy. Regards Dan Flynn

Aaron DeCook - United States

I just watched this film. You asked me what I thought, so I'll give you my honest answer. Overall, it was by far the best educational movie or tv show I've seen on flyfishing. It was great to finally see something that helps average anglers like my self improve their abilities. The scenery was unreal. I live in the usa and I am taking a trip to NZ in March, hence the film. I can't wait to get there. If I could find 10 places like that on your film, I would be very happy. I also really enjoyed the images of trout swimming around eating flies. Images like that added a nice transition and added an artistic feel. This was the best $15 I've spent in a long time. Thanks for the great film. Thanks for the download option, because without it, I wouldn't have gotten it.            Regards, Aaron DeCook



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